Races: Demons, The Corrupted and Reavers

Lore: Demons
The origin of Demons is currently a great topic of argument amongst professors of history. Much of it has to do with the life of the First Son. Thus information on how they were formed was wiped away with the rest of his existence. What is known though is this:

Adraesteia is the Mother of Demons and the god of their religion. Though it is perhaps impossible for her to be a true god she has lived for as long if not longer than a Mora. She has never been seen, and no depictions of her exist.Everything about Adraesteia is a mystery, most of humanity attributes her gender, appearance and personality through their own biases. Thus at times she is shown as a hag, he is shown as a seducer, she as a constantly pregnant mother and so forth and so forth. Humans who worship Adraesteia are transformed into horrific demon’s themselves. Losing all will and logic, they thirst for only destruction..

There are currently four types of Demons which have been identified:
Sapien Spawn: Humanoid in Nature
Leviathan Spawn: Reptilian in nature.
Behemoth Spawn: Mammal in nature
Ziz Spawn: Avian in nature

The Corrupted
Those who have gone far past the ability to recover after death become dark. Their soul’s data during their revival having been damaged in some unknowable way. At best a corrupted will turn insane, dangerous and chaotic. At worst they keep their sanity but remain unalterably evil in their intentions. Corrupted hunger for one thing and it is the Souls of others. By feeding on the data of the living they grow more powerful. It is unknown how the Corrupted came to be. Though their first outbreak occurred soon after the War of the First ended. Corrupted have no true religion, and their one soul purpose consumes their thoughts and motivations. Many take them as a curse from the First Born, left behind to torment those who killed him.

Reavers are what most historians would call a mistake. Within the creation of Demons, the Quorum found an enemy who knew no fear and only thirsted for destruction. So in turn they created The Reavers. Beings made of necessitous perfection. Using the corpses of those who passed before the discovery of the soul, they rose up an army whose dread evenly matched that of the Demons. Enthused with the essence of the Quorums Soul Sciences the reavers are beings whose corporeal remains are mostly hidden by an aura of pure light. When decloaked of this though you can see that what once was human was stripped of all such inefficiencies. No flesh hangs on these bones strengthened with long metal plates. A Reaver need not feed, so why have a gut? A Reaver does not bleed so why have a heart? A Reaver can not scream so why have a mouth? They acted as the furies of the Gods and the humans trapped between their struggles with the Demons were not as lucky as those who fought them alone. At the end of the war many were to be uncommissioned, few were to be re-commissioned and it is certain that some were. The vast majority of them however instead followed the simplest of logics: Survive. Arcs, Stations and Colonies that have no signs of life support, or commerce are often good indicators of a Reaver tribe. Reavers can survive indefinitely through space, in cold or extremely hot temperatures. Reavers cannot be stunned, poisoned, or bled. A Reaver does not need to sleep, will continue to battle past the removal of limbs and thus must be completely annihilated. It is best to leave a Reaver colony alone, As they usually have no malice until provoked. A crash landing, or interception of a Reaver ship will release the deadly horde trapped within. Reaver tribes on Planets are case in point, entire colonies meeting their downfall because of what the planet’s gravity brought to them.

Races: Demons, The Corrupted and Reavers

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