Society is fully integrated with the one of the Quorum’s many religions. Everyone believes that the Gods exist so Atheism is small if not close to non existence, Misotheism though is a common practice on certain “outcasted” worlds.

All technology (software and hardware) in use is imprinted with marks from a God or their corporation. Who are in vital economic competition with each other. A sword made by the followers of Athair will hold immensely different properties than one made by Feilathair.

The Main Pantheon Is as Followed:

Athair: The Father of The Pantheon. All god to the light, The Shining Sun, The Fire Lord.
Athair is known as a just and benevolent ruler, having been the father to the major Pantheon he is known as the Grandfather God. He is shown as being a giant of a man, with an overgrown white beard and long white braided hair. His animal traits are that of a bear.

Followers of Athair often share ideals such as.
Act in Benevolence
Work towards Peace
Accept Resurrection
Control with your Power
Always have Sovereignty

Athair has 2 major religions: The Ghrian and the Ciorcal. His corporation is called The Ursidae. The Ghrian houses the Grandfather’s Paladins. While the Ciorcal is comprised of his clerics and nobles. The Ursidae are well known for making items which are well balanced, well made, and have good charges.

Feilathair: The Youngest Son, who was born with an affinity for darkness and soft light.
Being the God/ess of trickery and illusion, Feilathair always appears to those as their unique vision of beauty. Five people watching her at the same time will see five different sites. Her original appearance is unknown. Feilathair’s animal traits belong to the Butterfly.

Followers of Feilathair often share ideals such as:

The manipulation of time
The Mastery of the Soul
Grace and beauty above all
Lay traps, avoid direct fights
Think before transitioning
celebrate your vulnerabilities. But never let them be used against you.

Feilathair is known for her vengeful cult called the Darklings. Who act as the hidden blade for the Quorum. Though she has no sanctioned religion outside of that, she is the Goddess patron for all users of Soul Magic and those in any occupation involving beauty or manipulation. Her corporation the Hedyloidea is famous for items capable of fast and easy movements, complete concealment and soul projection.

Ealamathair: The God of water, freedom, travel, love,passion, idealism and nobility. She is the eldest daughter and is seen as a more natural beauty in comparison to her brother Feilach. She has not been seen in person since the end of the War of The First. Locking herself away somewhere on Latria. Her animal is the Swan.

Followers of Ealamathair may share ideals like:
Freedom Above Safety
Movement Towards Ends
Stand to no Injustice
Make partnerships worth keeping
Fight furiously, Elegantly
See as much of the world as one can
Hold others to their own virtues

Ealamathair has 1 religion. The Covenant of The Princess. They are models for progressive thought, education, advancement, and at times when necessary inner tribulation in the cause of change for the better. A city or world under the guidance of The Covenant are some of the most peaceful places known to travelers. As anyone in movement are their guests, and basic needs are met with smiles for little in exchange. This is not to say that COTP are weak, or push overs, In fact…its quite the opposite. The Covenant houses some of the most experienced warriors, and riots are quick to be raised at injustice in a place controlled by their sages. Her corporation is called Cygnus. They are the major sellers of the basic amenities such as foods, engines, camping gear, water supplies and so forth. They are also responsible for the largest majority of communication systems.

Athruthair (The First Born): Athru was the god of change, the catalyst, and chaos. Little is known of him as his existence was wiped away from all writing, art and history when he lost the war. To say his true name is a crime punishable by fine, to be a follower of his is a crime punishable by death. Yet still there rests signs of his existence. Like scars across the thin vail. One might encounter in more advanced places his destroyed statues, botched paintings and crumbled praying sights.

The followers of the first are well hidden but they may share these ideals:
- Vision for a greater tomorrow and The Energy to make it happen
- Enlightenment is part growth, part balance
-Evolution is central to survival
- Emotions breed passion so accept them
- Conflict can create renewal
- Adapt, use any opportunity and resource
- Never be a tool for another. Strive to own yourself

Athru’s religion was forced underground. Even his followers have forgotten his true name and refer to themselves as the Followers of The First. The outcast worlds still revere him, and reaver bands use his inward teachings for their treachery. It was said that his first church is now what is called the brotherhood of the sun. The church was split when the war occurred. Many went with Athru to create a new brotherhood, one of freedom and self determination. These men were called Vanguards. Though falling under Anthru’s doctrine, many chose not to follow him to war. Taking the act of self liberation as a chance to do true good. Anthru let them leave, and held no ties to them outside of their promise to him to move forward with their goals. Thus the surviving vanguards are treated with a sort of begrudging respect and rivalry by the majority of Brotherhood members but at are almost always held with hostility by the White clerics. Athru is the patron to many, many religions. Most cults in his name are unorganized groups of the unfortunate. Though mercenaries, freedom fighters, heretics, the Darklings and Reavers all see him as a guiding light.

Athru’s Corporation, called Caudata, was also shoved underground and over time would become a sprawling black market. Caudata can be found in almost any major urban area and as a market they sell any item from any vendor to anyone who can pay their entrance fees. Some of its branches are known to run emergency frates to places in need of food or basic support, acting as an illegal charity. Items made by Anthru’s old corporation are made much like the ones of his father, though each comes with a randomized special sprite effect capable of giving them an edge over other equipment. Owning an Anthru item is illegal, and thus collectors tend to hide them till needed, making them rare and extremely valuable.


Though they lack the true immortality or power of their lineage the Mora are a race of Demi Gods who fill in the blanks when it comes to certain smaller aspects of life. There may be a single mora for a single aspect of war, or culinary arts and so forth. Mora fall under the churches of their major parental figure. The symbol for the Mora of war for instance could be seen in a church for the Brotherhood of the Sun. While a Goddess of romantic love is often found in temples of Feilathair.


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